Standing in solidarity with the Iranian homeless and refugee populations in Greece, Cafe Patogh is a community center run by and managed by the refugees themselves. With the hard work of Mr. Reza (Arash) Hampay and its current director Ms. Mahboubeh Tavakoli, the center began operating in 2018. Café Patogh provides numerous resources such as warm food, clothing, classes, and other urgent necessities for countless attendees on a daily bases.

Since December 2019, the international media has acknowledged the deplorable conditions of Iranian refugees, therefore the role of Café Patogh has become even more imperative. Patogh has its doors open seven days a week as a last haven for forgotten constituents such as battered women, single mothers, and emotionally estranged castaways. The stranded and homeless Iranian women who have been victims of rape and abuse have no other shelter to aid them in Greece, other than Patogh. Here, the clients can rest, receive food, wash clothes, take a shower, use computers, and engage in learning. Patogh is a grassroots project and receives its support mainly from the engaged individuals and volunteers. We need your help to keep this center running. Together we can make a difference.

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