We are lucky to have two very talented ladies joining us this week, sharing their stories of how they came to find their passion and share their talents with the world. Thank you, Chloe and Natasha, for opening up to us!


Chloe Pourmorady is an award-winning artist known for the versatility of her creative expression. A recent winner of both the Global Music Awards and Independent Music Awards for debut album, “Begin Majesty,” the music she creates is innovative and imaginative, influenced by tradition, yet modern. Chloe has comfortably sung in over 10 languages, plays violin, kamancheh, and guitar, and writes music in many different styles; instrumental, liturgical, folk, modal, and more. 

Chloe studied music and pedagogy in the U.S. and abroad, blending global influences into her work. Chloe currently works as a music educator, an active musician, and composer, and is involved in spiritual leadership as well. Inspired by art, prayer, truth, and life, she hopes to leave her listeners feeling elevated through songs of hope, prayers of love, and words of truth. 


It all started when I was a kid myself & loved taking care of babies.  I actually thought getting to give a baby a bottle and change a diaper was a privilege!  Gag, right?  Needless to say, moms loved having me around.  I discovered the camera as a teenager & it was love at first sight!  I mean, there’s a small little black box that you can push a button on & it freezes a moment forever.  It captures life.  It paints with light.  How could I not be in love?!  I started taking photography classes in high school, became the yearbook photographer & got nicknamed “paparazzi” by all of my friends.  I took pictures of everything!  Especially my baby sister who was born when I was 17!  When I got to college, I was excited about my decision to study Psychology with an emphasis in Child Development.  I was a preschool teacher while studying &, believe it or not, that’s when the magic happened.  One morning, my student’s mama said to me, “your photography is beautiful & the kids already feel comfortable with you… why don’t you come over & take some family pics of us?”  And just like that, word spread and everyone around was asking me to capture their family’s love on film.  

Here we are more than 10 years later!  My heart is so full.  I could not feel more lucky that I get to combine my two passions & do what I truly love everyday.  Thank you to everyone who has supported my artwork!  I promise to continue to push myself creatively & grow as an artist so that I can capture the love in your family in the most artful ways.